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As Realtors, we have experienced just about every version of family. There is a place for everyone, from the single-parent, to empty-nesters, to blended families, to dog & cat moms. 

But there is one important fact you must keep in mind when you look for a home. The likelihood that your family will stay the same and have the same needs for a decade is extremely rare. Every single family we have met in the past 20 years has morphed into something that they can barely recognize.

Five Things to Consider

1) Anticipate Your Needs

Do you have children, and if so, how old are they? Now, look ten years into the future. What will their needs be? If your children are very young, you may want them all on the same level as you are. But what happens…

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Buying a home is an exhilarating but daunting task. As exciting as searching for a home may be, thus purchase will likely be one of your biggest, so spotting any red flags is important to your investment. Make sure you and your Realtor keep a sharp eye out for the following.

Consistency Up and Down

The majority of homes in Alberta have basements. Some are finished by the home builder, and some are not. If you have concerns that the present homeowner's Uncle Joe may have had a hand in some creative DIY, look at the finishing. If the home has soft-round corners upstairs and not in the basement or a difference in baseboards between floors, you are probably looking at DYI, not a builder finish. If you have your suspicions, it is a good idea to…

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There is no doubt about it; we are experiencing one of the strongest seller's markets we have seen since 2007. A seller's market is created when the inventory of listed houses is smaller than the pool of active buyers for those homes. This lack of supply means buyers will be competing with numerous other buyers on the same home. This creates a fast-paced environment with quick decisions, high bids, and only one winner. But don't despair. Here are 14 things you can do to compete in a seller's market while protecting your financial interests.

Get Pre-Approved

Don't underestimate how important this step is, particularly in a strong seller's market. Here in Alberta, a mortgage broker can not give you absolute approval until you actually write an…

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No matter how much you love your neighbourhood, as you move through life, your family size and situations change. Here are 18 signs that you may need a bigger home.


1) You Haven’t Seen Your Table Top Since 2017

We have all been there. Whether you are creating a costume for your child’s school play, baking your Christmas goodies, or completing a puzzle with the family, everyone’s dining table occasionally disappears due to a project. But if your table has morphed onto an office/homework, laundry-folding, dump station, it may be time to reclaim your eating space and find a home with a den.

2) Your Front Entrance Feels Like A Mosh Pit

A small entrance is fine for a small family, but if entering your home has family and guests pushing and…

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Do you feel like you are losing control in your kitchen? Making a few changes can create peace in your chaos and save you time and money!

1. Add a pull out organizer for your pots, pans and lids.

My hubby bought this organizer at a local home improvement store. It has changed our lives! There is no more digging around in a landslide of mismatched lids and teetering pots.


2. Add a spice rack to the tiny area above your stove.

Don’t discount any sliver of storage space. There is always a way you can put any awkward space to good use. The thin space in front of your hood fan vent can be used for a narrow shelf, or for hooks for utensils.


3. Use pull out shelving for your plastic storage containers.

Unless you have the…

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There is always a bit of a lull in the real estate market at the beginning of September. With back-to-school shopping, enrolling kids in various activities, and the last chance at family camping weekends before the snow, attention is diverted from house shopping. By October, things have settled down, and buyers resume their search for a new home. 


4 Reasons Fall Is a Good Time To List

1)  The bulk of inventory from the spring market has been sold, so your property will not only have less competition, your home will be something new for the buyers to view.

2)  If someone is out viewing homes in the fall, they are clearly motivated. The weather is getting cooler and, thanks to daylight savings, it gets dark early. It is rare for a buyer to…

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Copperhaven, Spruce Grove's newest public school, is set to open this September! Serving as a prototype for new schools in the County of Parkland, Copperhaven will hold 900 students and will feature energy forward construction, including 4 banks of solar panels.

Located on the West side of Spruce Grove, in the new Copperhaven subdivision, this school also offers a location directly adjacent to Spruce Grove's new School Bus Transfer Site. Until now, all students from Spruce Grove were required to board a bus close to their home, travel to the East side of Spruce Grove to the Greystone Transfer Site, board a second bus and travel back to their designated school. For some students (such as my daughter), this meant traveling across town in the…

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Devon is home to some beautiful adult communities, and each one offers unique features and locations. Whether you want a homeowners association that just takes care of lawn and snow removal or you are a snow-bird wanting security for your home while you travel, we can help you find your perfect home! Give us a call for your complete list of available adult properties for sale.




Cottage Courts - 50+ Condo at 108 Erie ST, Devon  

Description:  Built in 2003, the bungalows in this quaint 8 unit condo complex feature covered front verandas, a storage shed & covered parking stalls. The location is close to the hospital, shopping & services. Lawn care and shoveling are done for you.

Condo Fees: Exterior Maintenance, Insur. for…

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St. Albert is one of Edmonton's bedroom communities and offers a variety of adult-only living options, each with unique features and locations. Whether you prefer a homeowners association that just takes care of lawn and snow removal, a secure, gated community, a luxurious apartment style condo with numerous activities or you are a snow-bird who wants security for your home while you travel, we can help you find your perfect home! Take a look at your many options below. Once you narrow down your choices, give us a call.  We can send you a complete list of available adult properties for sale in your favorite areas! 




Alpine Estates  - 18+ Condos at 30 Alpine Place 

Description: Alpine Estates is a 3-storey, low-rise apartment-style…

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Sherwood Park's 2017 market was very similar to last year's, with a slight decrease in both Listings and Sales.


The Gaboury Team, Remax Real Estate

Sherwood Park 2017 Market Snapshot

According to the Sherwood Park 2016 census information:
Sherwood Park is home to 70,618 residents.
There were 26,445 occupied residential dwellings.
The current population has increased 9.1% since 2011.

Homes Listed in 2016 - 1,831
Homes Listed in 2017 - 1,808

Homes Sold in 2016 - 1,193
Homes Sold in 2017 - 1,008

Average Selling Price of Single Family Homes in 2016 - $444,942
Average Selling Price of Single Family Homes in 2017 - $445,898

Average Selling Price of Condominiums in 2016 - $314,833
Average Selling…

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