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1. It Is Almost Always Sunny

Edmonton experiences an average of 325 sunny days each year. It also has a dry climate, so even on a very cold winter day, the lack of moisture and blazing sun makes the the temperature bearable. (Average of 22 °C in July, -8 °C in January)


2. Edmonton is Known As "Canada's Festival City"

Edmonton is host to over 30 annual festivals, and over 50 “events" each year! The Folk, Fringe and Street Performers festivals are internationally renowned!  http://exploreedmonton.com/festivals-and-events/all


3. Edmonton's Most Dangerous Predator Is The Mosquito!

More than 30 species of mosquito live in the Edmonton area. Many people choose to put up bat houses near their homes to reduce the number of…

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Our children have been carving artificial pumpkins each year, and we proudly display their creations each Halloween. This year, they added a shiny teal pumpkin to the patch!

When I was a kid, food allergies were a rare occurrence, and the only thing we had to worry about after Trick-Or-Treating was how we were going to trick our younger siblings into trading their tasty Chocolate Bar for our yucky Molasses Toffee.

With the many food allergies today, many kids have much more to worry about. I have two children; a thirteen year old that can eat anything, and an 18 year old who grew up with sensitivities to milk, wheat, eggs, chocolate, coffee, peanuts… you know the drill. Like many parents, I had the difficult job of trying to keep her safe while…

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