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As many parents find out, the craziness of Halloween week can reek havoc with your normal, busy week. Shopping for or making costumes, baking treats for your child’s class, decorating the lawn and carving pumpkins while driving your kids to lessons and practices can be overwhelming!

Several years ago, when our girls were both heavily into dance, youth group, and piano lessons, I sat down with my calendar, desperately trying to figure out when we would carve our pumpkins. There wasn't a free evening anywhere! During one of the girl’s many practices, I wandered into Michaels and found the answer to my prayers! I purchased two artificial pumpkins and showed my daughters when I picked them up. They were apprehensive; pumpkin carving was a big part of our…

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Anyone who knows me is aware of my Glitter Obsession/Dependancy (I justify my obsession because of my theatre/dance background, as well as having raised very girly daughters). I'm sure my very tolerant friends will not be the least bit surprised at my latest finds. 

When staging a home, a tiny touch of glam is a good thing in a room. While layering textures and colours, something shiny, metallic, or iridescent can both draw the eye and reflect light. I recently encountered two products which can add a bit of bling without being overbearing.


The first product is "Valspar Signature Paint Crystals" (available at Lowes). These fantastic crystals add a subtle sparkle when mixed with paint. The uses are endless- from…

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