23 Storage Hacks That Will Cure Your Cluttered Kitchen

Posted by Christina Henker-Gaboury on Thursday, June 20th, 2019 at 6:38pm

Do you feel like you are losing control in your kitchen? Making a few changes can create peace in your chaos and save you time and money!

1. Add a pull out organizer for your pots, pans and lids.

My hubby bought this organizer at a local home improvement store. It has changed our lives! There is no more digging around in a landslide of mismatched lids and teetering pots.


2. Add a spice rack to the tiny area above your stove.

Don’t discount any sliver of storage space. There is always a way you can put any awkward space to good use. The thin space in front of your hood fan vent can be used for a narrow shelf, or for hooks for utensils.


3. Use pull out shelving for your plastic storage containers.

Unless you have the luxury of an extra drawer designated only for containers, this pull out organizer is perfect for using all of the vertical space in a cabinet without losing pieces in a plastic abyss.


4. Designate bins for recycling.

Once you have a system, it is easy to recycle. If your area for recycling is in your garage, basement or a closet, have a smaller bin in your kitchen where you can transfer the contents as it fills up.


5. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a door or against a wall.

Do you have a cabinet that is overwhelmed by wayward spice and flavours packets? The pockets in this shoe organizer have been fantastic for holding everything from onion soup mix to straws and drink mixes.


6. Make use of your vertical space for cans. 

Our pantry has very wide, deep shelves, so purchasing these canned food storage dispensers has allowed us to make much better use of the space.


7. Don’t forget the upper shelf in your pantry.

Use the highest, unreachable shelves in a pantry or closet for bins that store items you don’t need all of the time.


8. Use chalk board labels.

These labels are great, because you can change what is written depending on what foods you have on hand, so your family knows where to put items.


9. Use pull out racks for deep shelves.

Spices tend to get lost in the back of deep shelving, so pull out racks are perfect for keeping things neat and accessible.


10. Use a larger bin to keep smaller items tidy. 

There is nothing better than finding a sale on pasta, but these little boxes can get lost in a pantry or cabinet. Designating larger bins for items like pasta and rice will keep product contained and will prevent you throwing out expired items that you just couldn’t find.


11. Use bins for snacks for the kids. 

Separating snacks into different bins can make packing a lunch a breeze, and will keep all of those small packages contained.


12. Use glass canisters to store bulk goods.

You can save so much money by bringing your own containers to refill at a bulk goods store. I bought my containers at a dollar store, but you can just wash out jars you collect and do the same thing. Try to keep them of similar size and shape to more efficiently use your space.


13. Use tiered platforms to easily see to the back of a deep shelf. 

We use tiered platforms to vary the highs of our canned goods. This way you can see everything at a glance!


14. Take a trip to the dollar store to tidy your medicine cabinet.

A couple of dollar store baskets can keep everything tidy. Try labeling the baskets with the medicine category for the hubby and kids.


15. Lower or add shelves to accommodate different dishes.

Don’t let a single shelf limit your storage. We added additional shelving to suit the hight of our dishes, providing ample space in a tiny cabinet.


16.  Store flat items vertically.

It is tempting to store flat items on top of other flat items, but what happens when you need a cookie sheet from the bottom of a tower of pans and cutting boards? A simple reorientation will make it easy to slide the specific item out for use.


17. Make sure every item has a place.

How can you blame your family for not unloading the dishwasher properly if even you don’t know where the gadget goes? Go one step further and label the shelf. You will never have to hear “Mom, I can’t find the grater” ever again.


18. Clean out the fridge before trash day.

Do you dread the moment you need to deep clean the refrigerator? Well what if you kept it up every week? Take 5 minutes once a week to make sure nothing is past its prime in the fridge. You will always know what you have, there will be less waste, and your fridge won’t have to work as hard when your family can just reach in and quickly grab what they need without searching through a gauntlet of expired items for a snack. 


19. Get rid of your crispers.

Last year, we invested in customizable containers that could regulate the air for different fruits and vegetables. Now we wash and prep all of our produce and it lasts so much longer. It is easy for the kids to grab a healthy snack, and nothing gets lost at the back of the fridge. These particular container are from Tupperware, and we couldn’t be happier! (If you want your own, here is the link to my favourite Tupperware lady)  https://www.facebook.com/groups/284174011773566/


20. Use bins under your sink. 

Do you have a ton of sponges, gloves and other small odds and ends lost under your sink? We used this 2-tired bin and took the top off to allow for taller bottles. Now the mess is contained!


21. Hang your trash bags on a curtain rod.

I wasn’t sure when I had Claude install these rods if this idea would really work, but we were pleasantly surprised. Not only is it easy to access the garbage and recycle bags, but we saved space by mounting them to the wall.


22. Install a tip out sink tray.

I have met clients who liked these trays, and some who thought they were useless, but if you are someone who likes a clear sink with no sponges and brushes lying around, a tip out tray is the perfect solution. We picked this one up at a local home improvement store, and within a half hr we had the hinges mounted, handles in place, and no more mess.


23. Pull out garbage can. 

This has been one of my favourite additions. By easily pulling out the garbage, you can scoop waste right in without ducking down under the sink. Now if only company could find it!

If you need help staging your kitchen to show an organized, stress-free lifestyle, or you want help seeing possibilities in a new home, we would love to be the Realtors to help you with that!

<p>Christina Henker-Gaboury,&nbsp;<em>REALTOR&reg;, CLHMS&reg;<br /></em>RE/MAX Real Estate</p>

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