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St. Albert is one of Edmonton's bedroom communities and offers a variety of adult-only living options, each with unique features and locations. Whether you prefer a homeowners association that just takes care of lawn and snow removal, a secure, gated community, a luxurious apartment style condo with numerous activities or you are a snow-bird who wants security for your home while you travel, we can help you find your perfect home! Take a look at your many options below. Once you narrow down your choices, give us a call.  We can send you a complete list of available adult properties for sale in your favorite areas! 




Alpine Estates  - 18+ Condos at 30 Alpine Place 

Description: Alpine Estates is a 3-storey, low-rise apartment-style…

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Whether you are empty nesters, snow birds, professionals with no children, or just looking to simplify your life, Stony Plain has many fantastic adult communities to choose from. Numerous options are available; from bungalows with home owners associations that only take care of lawn and snow removal, secure gated communities, and luxurious apartment style condos. Let us help you find your perfect home! Call for your complete list of available adult properties for sale. 


Barth & Gosset Manor - 18+ Condo at 5211 50 St, Stony Plain 

Description: This stunning concrete/steel, 4-Storey building features central air, a social/media room, party room with patio, a carwash, great location right in the heart of town, on Stony Plain’s historic…

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Two weeks ago my husband and I embarked on a home renovation adventure that, as per Youtube, should have taken 4-5 days to complete. Here are our top tips on how to paint your kitchen cabinets! 


1)   Choose Your Colour Wisely - Over the past 10 years, our maple cabinets had yellowed, and we were looking for something fresh and clean. We were aiming for a creamy white, but what we achieved with our first try was as close to snow-white as we could get. Because we did a test door, we realized our mistake right away. We ended up taking the cream colour of our baseboards and pantry door and using 3/4 of that colour depth.

2)   Stay Away From Oil - Our first primer was a hybrid oil-based primer; horrible! It was very hard to roll smoothly and it…

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Spruce Grove is home to numerous adult communities, and each community offers unique features and locations. Whether you want a homeowners association that just takes care of lawn and snow removal, a secure, gated community, a luxurious apartment style condo with numerous activities or you are a snow-bird wanting security for your home while you travel, we can help you find your perfect home! Give us a call for your complete list of available adult properties for sale. 


Arbor Green - 55+ Condo at 112 Church Rd, Spruce Grove  

Description: This 4-storey low-rise apartment, situated in the heart of Spruce Grove, was built in 1994 and features balconies, heated underground parking, an amenity room, and it is close to shopping, restaurants, a…

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It has been many years since Christina graduated from NAIT with a Marketing Diploma, and Social Media didn't even exist back then. Now, Social Media is the most important avenue available for promoting our properties. Unlike Print and Radio Advertising, Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ & Twitter offer opportunities for 2-Way Interaction. Instead of just receiving information, a potential buyer can now show interest, ask questions, and share listings with others. Using Social Media, we are able to target specific markets and get your property out to potential buyers, answer questions they may have, and encourage them to book a viewing of your home.    

Always striving to provide exceptional service to her clients, she has completed…

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As many parents find out, the craziness of Halloween week can reek havoc with your normal, busy week. Shopping for or making costumes, baking treats for your child’s class, decorating the lawn and carving pumpkins while driving your kids to lessons and practices can be overwhelming!

Several years ago, when our girls were both heavily into dance, youth group, and piano lessons, I sat down with my calendar, desperately trying to figure out when we would carve our pumpkins. There wasn't a free evening anywhere! During one of the girl’s many practices, I wandered into Michaels and found the answer to my prayers! I purchased two artificial pumpkins and showed my daughters when I picked them up. They were apprehensive; pumpkin carving was a big part of our…

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1. It Is Almost Always Sunny

Edmonton experiences an average of 325 sunny days each year. It also has a dry climate, so even on a very cold winter day, the lack of moisture and blazing sun makes the the temperature bearable. (Average of 22 °C in July, -8 °C in January)


2. Edmonton is Known As "Canada's Festival City"

Edmonton is host to over 30 annual festivals, and over 50 “events" each year! The Folk, Fringe and Street Performers festivals are internationally renowned!  http://exploreedmonton.com/festivals-and-events/all


3. Edmonton's Most Dangerous Predator Is The Mosquito!

More than 30 species of mosquito live in the Edmonton area. Many people choose to put up bat houses near their homes to reduce the number of…

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Our children have been carving artificial pumpkins each year, and we proudly display their creations each Halloween. This year, they added a shiny teal pumpkin to the patch!

When I was a kid, food allergies were a rare occurrence, and the only thing we had to worry about after Trick-Or-Treating was how we were going to trick our younger siblings into trading their tasty Chocolate Bar for our yucky Molasses Toffee.

With the many food allergies today, many kids have much more to worry about. I have two children; a thirteen year old that can eat anything, and an 18 year old who grew up with sensitivities to milk, wheat, eggs, chocolate, coffee, peanuts… you know the drill. Like many parents, I had the difficult job of trying to keep her safe while…

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