Why Choose The Gaboury Team?

WHY THE GABOURY TEAM?  Owning Real Estate is one of the biggest investments decisions you will make, and how well you do on that investment will affect your lifestyle, your children's education, and your retirement. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions when buying or selling your home, and we are passionate about your family’s success! We pride ourselves on having the experience and innovation necessary to give our clients a significant edge when buying or selling. We have made a commitment to technology and will always be on the cutting edge. 

We Are a Team  

We can provide a level of service a single agent cannot.  Evenings, weekends and holidays, we pride ourselves in our response to phone calls and emails.  Sometimes, with large teams, a client can be “lost in the shuffle” and passed off to a new team member when the first agent is busy. That will never happen with us. Your primary agent will be either Claude. Period.

We also have some fantastic people helping us! We have one assistant whose sole job is to contact Realtors for feedback on showings. Another member of our team is responsible for taking our raw video footage and transforms it into eye-catching videos set to music that really grabs a buyer’s attention. Our team’s positive energy is infectious and is reflected in what we do. Buying and selling a home is truly a team effort!

Claude and I have different areas of expertise, but we both have a vested interest in your success! This means we don’t clock out a 5:00 pm. This is our company and your success means our success. We keep working until your property is SOLD!


We Have Experience

Over the past 17 years, we have achieved success in a variety of markets.  We have counseled our clients through the highs and lows of Real Estate in the Edmonton area.  No matter what the prevailing market conditions dictate, we have the know-how to make our client’s transactions a success. To date, we have helped over 650 families buy or sell their homes! Claude is a full-time Realtor who sells real estate every day, and this means he knows how to use negotiating strategies and techniques to your benefit. 


We Arm You With Information   

about the market so you can make the very best decisions about pricing your home. Gone are the days where a Realtor can come in with a one page print out of sold homes and tell you what to list for. With a new generation of savvy home buyers, you need an in-depth market evaluation.

We will meet you at your property for an initial walkthrough. We will get you to point out any hidden features that may affect your value, as well as any upgrades you have done. After this, we go back to the office and do our homework. Your market evaluation will include not only your active competition but any recent solds that compare to your home. We then do adjustments on the sold prices of those listings for features your home has or doesn't have. This gives us a good idea of what your home will sell for. 

We Want To Work With You                        

There are so many different homes, but what makes yours special? Why is your neighbourhood such a great place to live? We need to tell buyers your home’s story, and who better to help us see that than you? We will work very closely during the listing process to get your onsite on what you love about your home.


We Know Our Communities

I grew up in Spruce Grove, and both Claude and I chose to raise our family here. We are passionate about sharing our communities with new buyers! There is so much to see and do in the County of Parkland, and the schools and activities offered in the Stony Plain &  Spruce Grove areas are second to none. On our website, we have created individual write-ups on each subdivision and included the designated schools as well. We know the history of your community and we use that information when marketing your home.


We Stage Your Home  

As Realtors, we see a ton of homes and we can quickly discern what works and what doesn’t work with the design and layout of a home. But in 2009, Claude and I decided that we needed to go a step further to give our clients the very best advice when getting their homes ready for sale. We took the training courses to become Certified Home Stagers and received our designation. We feel we now have the level of expertise to offer recommendations that make our seller’s homes shine!


We Know Presentation Is Everything

If you have been thinking of selling, chances are you have been looking on the MLS at other properties and have seen the best and the worst of pictures. Gone are the days where a fuzzy, dark, fishy-eyed picture with a person or pet in view is remotely acceptable! Or maybe you have seen a professional quality picture of a kitchen with dirty dishes in the sink. We not only insist on professional quality photos, we stage our shots too! A beautiful, high definition photo means nothing if it is shot from the wrong angle. 

We pride ourselves on how we display our client’s homes. Nothing makes us feel better than when we get an email from a client saying that we have made their home looks so good online, that they might buy it!


We Understand Video Is King!

In our world of instant access technology, buyers can view your home from their iPads, in bed at 3:00 am! Your property must be displayed in an engaging way, and visual content drives engagement.

  • Viewers spend 100% more time on pages that have videos on them.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

So we MUST have a video of your home, and it MUST be interesting! This means we have to do more than simply use a music/flash program to run a slideshow of pictures set to music and call it a video. We have all the video gadgets (yes, we have a Drone) and can show your property at its best.


We Have An Awesome Website

We are so thankful for our new website! Created with the buyer in mind, our website provides eye-catching information, is interactive and easy to navigate. Let's face it, if the buyer loves it they'll visit it more than any other site. Stats say that 92% of buyers will be looking online for homes before they contact their first Realtor. Our website is a Responsive Website, with Integrated IDX / MLS, and has been designed to capture more traffic. The SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities are cutting edge! In fact, Real Estate guru Barbara Corcoran (Shark’s Tank) uses the same website! Since its launch in May 2015, we can not believe the number of buyers signing up and viewing our listings. Our sellers have really benefited from this change. 


We Know Marketing

Not only does Christina have a Marketing Degree, she is now a Certified Professional in Social Media Marketing! There was a time when homes could be sold using one way/informational advertising, such as print, TV or radio ads. Now, Social Media offers us a platform not only to advertise properties, but we can now target-market, and engage a specific audience in a two-way discussion regarding features of a home. Only through Social Media can someone tag an advertised property and send your listing directly to their cousin's best friend's mother, who is looking for an acreage just like yours!


Buyer Leads Are Handled Immediately

All of our websites, social media and office leads come directly to our phones. Because we are both Realtors, and we are business partners, if one of us is busy, the other is there to answer the call. This immediate service means an inquiry on your property is handled as soon as it comes in, which could result in a much faster, successful sale.

We also communicate the benefits and value of your home to buyers and their agents, building urgency, and getting them to act now versus later. When other agents show your home, we counsel them on the benefits and value of your home relative to other homes in the marketplace.


We Keep You Up To Date

There are three main areas where keeping our clients up to date is a MUST! 

Feedback - When you have a showing on your home, you will want to know what the buyer thought. Did they like your home? Is it in their top three? The morning after your showing, our assistant will contact the realtor to request feedback. Once she receives it, she gives that feedback to Claude for his review, and he will forward it onto you, the homeowner. Then, each week, she will update a spreadsheet with every showing you have had and what the feedback was. This is sent to you so that you always know how many showings you have had, and what the buyers thought. 

Market Updates - As soon as you home is listed, Claude will put you on a program called “Market Snapshot”. This program will send you any new listings that come up which would be in competition to yours, as well as any property that sells and what the actual sold price was. It is important to be aware of how your competition is doing while your home is listed. 

Marketing - Christina is in charge of all of the marketing. She will send you copies of all advertising so you know exactly how your property is being portrayed. 

We believe communication is key to a quick, stress-free sale. It allows us to pinpoint any areas that are hindering a sale and quickly tweak them into perfection!


Because of Exposure

With her background in marketing combined with her tech know-how, Christina makes it her mission to TELL THE WORLD about your listing! As an SEO expert, Christina knows how to use social media, blogs, and keywords to put your listing at the top of an organic search.

Our superior marketing plan ensures your listing will reach the maximum number of buyers using every medium possible. Our unique networks combined with a database of buyers compiled over 17 years is integral to the successful sales of our client’s homes.


Because of Social Media

Social Media…you either love it or hate it. But in real estate, you have to understand how powerful the search engines embedded into many of the Social Media systems are. Venues such as facebooktwitter, instagramand pinterest are a great way for friends to share news of your listing, but by wording descriptions properly, your property will appear in Google searches as well. YouTube is extremely important when marketing your property. High-quality video links can be attached anywhere your property is listed. And free sites such as kijiji.ca, if used properly, offer opportunities to expand areas that may be constrained on MLS. We know how to manipulate the search engine in these medias to maximize exposure for your home.


Because We Are Local

When you list your home with a local Realtor, you get an extra advantage. The Edmonton area is vast, so buyers will generally pick a Realtor in the area they are considering to move to in order to gain that “inside information” about what the community really has to offer. (Would you pick someone to show you homes that may never have travelled out West of the city before?) So, not only will your property be marketed to the entire Edmonton Area, there is a greater likely hood that potential buyers for your home will be searching on one of our local websites.


Because Of Our Referral and Relocation Networks  

No matter how fantastic your house is, in order to sell your home, we have to find a Buyer for it! Because of our memberships with various Referral and Relocation Networks, The Gaboury Team has created additional avenues for marketing your home and finding qualified buyers for it.

www.canadareferral.com  – Is the largest Real Estate Referral Network in Canada. As members of this Substantial Network, we have Agents throughout Canada referring us Buyers who, not knowing any Real Estate Agents in this area, may have ended up with another agent. We in turn are able to point those Buyers in the direction of your property and have the opportunity to highlight your home’s many unique features.

http://www.brookfieldgrs.com – INTEGRATED RELOCATION PROGRAM – Claude and Christina are both Approved Suppliers for the IRP Government Relocation Program. This program facilitates the moves of Canadian Forces Members, RCMP Members, Executive Group and Governor in Council, as well as Other Government of Canada Employees.

www.remax.net - RE/MAX REFERRAL SYSTEM - Re/Max is the largest Real Estate Company in the world, and that, combined with a fantastic internal referral system, greatly increases the number of referrals we receive from Agents across North America. 

Because of The RE/MAX Name

RE/MAX is a name that is trusted wherever you find our logo. Three in every five deals are done through RE/MAX  and as a result, more buyers, locally and internationally, have RE/MAX agents working for them. This means a higher number of buyers referred to our office by RE/MAX agents, and more buyers we can direct your home to first.

This is our business and we love it!


and start your move today!